Meet the Robot created by Computer Kids .... the girls team.  

The Robot is called Hippy.



Hippy can turn and move in any direction programmed by the team.

Hippy is competing with the Robot created by the boys team.  

I think Hippy is making her team really happy!!!

Some Kids at Computer Kids Daycare will one day become future Astronauts..... that is our dream anyway... This is why we go on Field trips to NASA every year. Here are the pictures taken from a recent trip to NASA. DSC00090 DSC00077DSC00078DSC00079DSC00080DSC00081DSC00082DSC00083DSC00084DSC00085DSC00086DSC00087DSC00088DSC00089DSC00090DSC00091DSC00092DSC00093


What does it take to create a remote-controlled robot that can walk, drive and turn in any direction? Reach out for, grab, throw or release objects on command? Move and act as YOU design and build them to?


Working in teams, we’ll teach you how to design, build and test remote controlled miniature robots. Your robot will compete with other robots in your class in a friendly competition on the last day of camp. All necessary materials, including motors, gears, pulleys, wheels and axles, and microcomputers will be available for student use. It will be up to you and your teammates to put them all together in original ways to make your robot do what you want it to.

Robotics Camp. 

Above is a description of a Robotics Workshop by American Robotics Academy scheduled at Computer Kids. This Camp is for 2 weeks and it is FREE. You only pay our daycare tuition which is $25 per day or $100 per week.  Parents, whose kids are vacationing at home, this is one you don’t want to miss. To get your kids into this workshop will cost you some dollars and then add the hassle of taking them back and forth to the classes. Here, at Computer Kids,  it is FREE... Courtesy of HCDE.

The only requirement is that you have to be 6 to 12 years old to participate. For our younger crowd, 4 to 5 years old, we have another Robotics Class... called DASH and DOT. Our younger crowd will learn to control and move the robot while being introduced to Coding.


Our Shades are up

The Temperatures are impossible right very hot outside. We have installed Playground Shades to keep the children cool and safe this Summer.  Kids can still enjoy the outdoors even in this heat. This is part of our ongoing effort to ensure the kids in our care get the best I am happy to share that our kids really love to play in our playground. Call 281 914 4999 or visit for more information IMG_0784[1] IMG_0790IMG_0788IMG_0774

Affordable and Exciting Summer Camp for 4 -12 Yr old. Daily or Weekly rates available.

Your kids could be having fun here  at Computer Kids Daycare,  Why keep them home alone bored?


For only $25 dollars per day..

They get
 a. Two Field trips per week…. Bowling.. movies, children’s museum, the Zoo …
 b. Art and Crafts every day
 c. Computer time everyday… they get a free access to Raz Kids, our Reading Program
 d. Outside Play in our covered and Shaded Playground
 e. Dancing class… to exercise the muscles.

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