Our Shades are up

The Temperatures are impossible right very hot outside. We have installed Playground Shades to keep the children cool and safe this Summer.  Kids can still enjoy the outdoors even in this heat. This is part of our ongoing effort to ensure the kids in our care get the best I am happy to share that our kids really love to play in our playground. Call 281 914 4999 or visit for more information IMG_0784[1] IMG_0790IMG_0788IMG_0774

Affordable and Exciting Summer Camp for 4 -12 Yr old. Daily or Weekly rates available.

Your kids could be having fun here  at Computer Kids Daycare,  Why keep them home alone bored?


For only $25 dollars per day..

They get
 a. Two Field trips per week…. Bowling.. movies, children’s museum, the Zoo …
 b. Art and Crafts every day
 c. Computer time everyday… they get a free access to Raz Kids, our Reading Program
 d. Outside Play in our covered and Shaded Playground
 e. Dancing class… to exercise the muscles.

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Word recognition is essential to being able to read. At Computer Kids, we take reading very seriously and make it a very important component of our curriculum. Ehri (1997) states that being able to read many sight words automatically by sight contributes dramatically to fluent reading and is the best way to unlock the meaning of any text. As children begin to develop a store of sight words, they find learning new sight words easier. As more sight words are acquired, a child’s confidence will grow.  


Here is a 2003 preschool class doing their sight words