12 Reasons Parents Love Us

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12 Reasons Parents Love Us!


We are Texas School Ready Certified!


We exceed minimum standards for providing the high quality care that young children deserve. Texas School Ready!™ is a state-wide certification program that recognizes preschool education classrooms that successfully prepared their students for kindergarten.

We have a Computer Lab and use technology extensively! . 

We conduct training classes on a regular basis. For example, the kids recently learnt how to make movies in Microsoft Movie Maker. We use Software programs to encourage learning.

Stem Education!.

The only daycare in the area to introduce kids to Stem Education. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education   Yes, kids as young as 5 years old are included in our program. We are using Rapsberry Pi 2 and LittleBits to plant computing and engineering seeds into our kids.

Bilingual Program!

The benefits of learning a second language is limitless. We offer a full Spanish immersion program. Our kids are taught in both English and Spanish. For kids who are not native Spanish speakers, been spoken to and taught in Spanish will improve their language acquisition skills. In no time, they will master the language like a native speaker.

Our High Quality Learning Environment!

 Our Toddler room is amazing, full of fun and tons of toys to get those muscles moving, even in bad weather.  We have a cool preschool classroom completed with a computer, projector and a white board. This makes learning fun and interactive. Our infant room is clean and attractive and functional…. it helps nourishes our babies.

Outdoor Play Ground!

 Our outdoor playground is very impressive and Our kids love to play in it. Most daycares in our area lack a decent outdoor space.

Continuous Assessment!

 The only daycare in the area that carry out continuous assessment.

Instant Updates with our “Daycare” App!

 That’s right! Our staff logs your child’s meals, diapers and activities into our free  app, and you have instant access on your smart phone! How cool is that?

Our High Quality Play Based Curriculum! 

 Our staff is highly qualified. and does an amazing job of getting our kids ready for school. Our Curriculum is play based and kids are playing but learning at the same time. This makes it fun for them. 

High Qualified Staff! , well trained and experienced. Best of all they LOVE kids and they LOVE their jobs.

Peace of Mind! We are the only daycare Center in the area to share with you videos and photos of your kids activities!. We want you to stay connected.

Free Healthy Meals and Snacks!  

 We provide FREE HEALTHY MEALS & SNACKS to all children every day! We save you time & money!  No packing lunches! *excluding infant formula

We help with Potty Training!

 Children can get the benefits of a preschool experience even if they haven’t mastered the potty yet!

Secure Entry System!

 Our doors are always locked  and any person coming to our facility will need to be let in by staff, this ensures  our little ones are safe and secure all day long!

Huge Value!

 We give you more “BANG” for your buck at the most affordable rates in town. You get the most options, the most services,  and our ROCKIN’ technology education.  We have a better price than most area centers!

best of all
  And our number 1 reason for being the BEST CHOICE in town is that…….

 WE JUST LOVE KIDS!!! It is evident in everything that we do, every activity that we plan and every interaction we have with our kids!


 We absolutely love making new friends, so we hope Computer Kids is at the top of your list! If you want the best possible child care and early learning experiences for your child, there is no need to look any further! Become part of Computer Kids Family today!

Happiness Guarantee, 100% Refund, no questions asked!!! .

 Try us, we are sure your children will be happy with us.  If after 2 weeks you are not satisfied, we will refund your tuition with no questions asked..

What are you waiting for, click the Calendar below to schedule your tour today.



Ann M!

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