What Clients Says

My name is Jean and I have a 3 years old daughter named Latisha. My daughter is now enrolled in Computer Kids daycare. At first, I was afraid that she will not enjoy the school because she is a very shy type of kid, but to my surprise, she is now enjoying the school because she loves the activities that their teachers are giving them every day. She is now becoming jolly and friendly with the other kids at school. I remember she told me the night after her first day of school that one of her teachers told her to dance in front of the kids and she felt crying because she is so shy, but when the teacher started to dance along with the other kids, she just smiled and said that she enjoyed dancing at the school. This is one of the reasons why I love Computer Kids daycare because they don’t just teach the kids about computers, but they also help the kids improve and develop themselves.

- Jean

The daycare my son was at before didn’t offer much learning or stimulation at all. They had the same old toys, some artwork they could do, story time and naps. That was about it and he was quickly bored and it was a chore to get him there every day without a fuss. He now has more of an interest in going and his face lights up every time he walks into the "Computer Kids Daycare" and I can see his growth since starting here. He can’t wait to do the computer lessons no matter what they are as they are obviously engaging. I can see that he feels challenged now and the CKD's curriculum helps him do just that. I will never take him anywhere else. These children are in such good hands.

- Amy N

Early learning is so important and I truly appreciate Computer Kids Daycare being available for my daughter and providing an educational, fun and safe environment for all the kids. I can go to work knowing she will have her day filled with new experiences in educational computer activities they help her be creative and have fun. She has also learned so many early skills that are helping her prepare for an easy transition for her future. It’s obvious that she feels a great sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. She enjoys herself so much that she doesn’t want to leave. She truly loves this place as do all the kids. You can see it in their adorable smiling faces.

- Tisha D

When a friend text a link to the site to me, I quickly checked it out as it sounded very exciting to have my daughter Sara attend. I was amazed at all they had to offer. It was unlike anything I had ever heard of then or since. As soon as we walked in the door I could see that they all really enjoyed learning from this kind of approach. I could see the happiness in their eyes and it was contagious. I could never find anyplace that matches what we wanted and needed for our daughter so perfectly. They have taught her to develop skills and grasp various concepts easily. She has learned so many new things and has wonderful new friends too. I have been telling everyone about this wonderful daycare center.

- Lillian H