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We are currently rolling out a new software that will help us with the following:-

Build a positive behavior with students,
Create a positive classroom culture,
Message our parents,
Help us to reward our Schoolers who are doing their homework.


It is an internet based software that can be accessed through a desktop.  There is also an Android and ios  version.

We are sending out student codes this week.  Please install the App or access the site on your desktop  with the code to create a Parent account.

Parents sometimes don’t hear about behavioral issues until things get out hand. As Educators in the Alief area, student behavior is a big problem.  Yes, the schoolers only come to us for  barely 3 hrs after school, unfortunately they come to our facility with their school issues.

I have been looking for a way to create a positive culture in our classrooms and this is why we are implementing this software that will help us to do just that and more.  I am asking our parents to meet us half way.  Get your login, create your parent accounts and get more involved in your child’s activities  For example, when the kids do good by completing their homework on time, they are awarded points and when they don’t, they lose points.  You can take it a notch further by rewarding them with a gift of your choice whenever they reach a certain point level.  As a parent, you can log in to view how they are doing.

I am using the software at home with my kids with tremendous success. For example my daughter does not eat her vegetables.  I made eating of vegetables a positive behavior that gets 2 points. She needs 30 points for an ice cream treat.  She has downloaded the app in her ipad and she monitors her points daily. She is still struggling with the vegetables, but she tries hard to eat half portions, so she can accumulate points.  She is not where I want her to be but is making good progress.

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