How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

Friendly atmosphere plus Quality childcare.

Do you want a Smart 2, 3 or 4 Year old?
Do you want them ready and well prepared for Kindergarten?
Do you want to give them a head start, well above their peers?
Do you want them comfortable with Science and Technology?

If your answers to all of the above is Yes, then read on.

But, first, let me ask you a question. This question is actually on a lot of people's minds.

And it is . . .

Is Technology and Play good or bad for our children?

And the answer is a resounding, good! It has SO many positive benefits! Research backs it up too.

Play lays the foundation for literacy, Play is Learning. Play encourages brain development and the list continues.

Technology is a Facilitator and an Enhancer. When the two are combined, the result is explosive.

Having a reliable Teacher and Environment focused on helping your children comes in very handy though, especially when they use Technology.

But, where does such a place exist?

Well, we have EXACTLY what you need . . . 3 locations in Houston, Texas and...

It's called Computer Kids Daycare!

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I enrolled my son Anthony here in Computer Kids daycare, I was surprised on how my son improved in just a few months. He is just 3 years old but he can now open and close the computer alone in our house. He knows the pages where he would play, paint and color in the computer. He is also talking about the school and how he is enjoying his classmates’ company and their fun activities every day. My son Zoe is really having a good time at this daycare. I can see that he is really leaning a lot and he is now becoming more interested in coming to school every day because of the new things that he is learning. I’m so happy that I enrolled him in this school.

- Mom of Anthony & Joe

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Our Programs

Our Program has four dedicated classes

We provide four classes with nine to twenty children aged one week to twelve years of age.

Our Toddler room is amazing, full of fun and tons of toys to get those muscles moving, even in bad weather. We have a cool preschool classroom completed with a computer, projector and a white board. This makes learning fun and interactive. Our infant room is clean and attractive and functional…. it helps nourishes our babies.

  • Infant Program
    Class name
    0-1.5 Years olds
    9 Class size
  • Toddler Program
    Class name
    1.5-2 Years olds
    12 Class size
  • Preschool Program
    Class name
    3-5 Years olds
    15 Class size
  • Summer Camp
    Class name
    4-12 Years olds
    12 Class size

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  • My son used to attend this daycare. He just loved it there!! He loves to draw, so he was always looking forward to seeing his art teacher. He has made many new friends there. The other parents are great and the staff was easy to get along with. I told them about my son's asthma and they reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. They will keep a close eye on him. I am happy to have found this daycare. It's not to far from where I work, so it worked out great for us.

    Maria Lopez
  • My name is Jean and I have a 3 years old daughter named Latisha. My daughter is now enrolled in Computer Kids daycare...

  • The daycare my son was at before didn’t offer much learning or stimulation at all. They had the same old toys, some artwork they could do, story time and naps...

    Amy N
  • Early learning is so important and I truly appreciate Computer Kids Daycare being available for my daughter and providing an educational, fun and safe environment for all the kids...

    Tisha D
  • When a friend text a link to the site to me, I quickly checked it out as it sounded very exciting to have my daughter Sara attend...

    Lillian H
  • You can tell they love the kids in their care. They're great about posting pics of my kids on their app. Always clean. Always attentive.

    Sandy pi uhh Davila
  • Hello I love computer kids daycare they are very diverse and they help your kids learn and prepare them for school. They have programs that will help your kids excel in life. My son has been going since he was 11months old and now he’s 3...

    Sherreco Carter

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  • Location 1
    Computer Kids Daycare, Belle Park
    4614 Belle Park drive, Houston TX 77072
    Phone 281 914 4999
  • Location 2
    Computer Kids Daycare, Westheimer
    14144 Westheimer rd, Suite 88. Houston TX 77077
    Phone 832 783 9508
  • Location 3
    6495 Barker Cypress rd,Ste E. Houston TX 77084
    Phone 281 949 6653

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