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Do you want a Smart 2, 3, or 4-Year-old?
Do you want them ready and well prepared for Kindergarten?
Do you want to give them a head start, well above their peers?
Do you want them comfortable with Science and Technology?

If your answers to all of the above are Yes, then read on.

But, first, let me ask you a question. This question is actually on a lot of people’s minds.

And it is . . .

Are Technology and Play good or bad for our children?

And the answer is a resounding, good! It has SO many positive benefits! Research backs it up too.

Play lays the foundation for literacy, Play is Learning. Play encourages brain development and the list continues.

Technology is a Facilitator and an Enhancer. When the two are combined, the result is explosive.

Having a reliable Teacher and Environment focused on helping your children comes in very handy though, especially when they use Technology.

But, where does such a place exist?

Well, we have EXACTLY what you need . . . 3 locations in Houston, Texas and…

It’s called Computer Kids Daycare!

Our Programs

Our Program has five dedicated classes

We Provide Four Classes With Nine To Twenty Children Aged 2 Weeks To 12 Years Of Age.
(Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, And School-age Classrooms)


Infant Program

A loving and nurturing environment for infants. Most of our infants come to us very young, some as young as 2 weeks old, we care for them like our own children.

Toddler Class

We aim to provide a total learning environment where children are free to observe, question, experiment, and explore.

Preschool Class

We want to be the change, we want to be different, and we want the children in our room to learn, but also have fun. Preschool is the top priority for Computer Kids.

After School Program

You can rest assured that your children have safe and productive ways to spend their time while you are at work.

Spring & Summer Break

While school is out we have enriching programs like dancing, baking, software programming, reading clubs, computer time, Robotics, and field trips to engage the kids.


We Make Tutoring Affordable.

What We Offer

Early Education Matters!

Research continues to provide rigorous evidence on why early education matters. High-quality early education pays for children, parents, employers, and society at large.

What are the benefits?

The list is impressive: increased lifetime earnings (for children enrolled in quality early education), increased employment opportunities, less income inequality, and a well-prepared workforce.


Texas Rising Star is a quality rating and improvement system for Texas early childhood programs. Programs that participate in TRS meet higher quality standards than many other child care programs

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