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    We are currently rolling out a new software that will help us with the following:- Build a positive behavior with students, Create a positive classroom culture, Message our parents, Help us to reward our Schoolers who are doing their homework. It is an internet based software that can be accessed through a desktop. There is also an Android and ios version. We are sending out student codes this week. Please install the App or access the site on your desktop with the code to create a Parent account. Parents sometimes don't hear about behavioral issues until things get out hand. As Educators in the Alief area, student behavior is a big problem. Yes, the schoolers only come to us for barely 3 hrs after school, unfortunately they come to our facility with their school issues. I have been looking for a way to create a positive culture in our classrooms and this is why we are implementing this software that will help us to do just that and more. I am asking our parents to meet us half way. Get your login, create your parent accounts and get more involved in your child's activities For example, when the kids do good by completing their homework on time, they are awarded points and when they don't, they lose points. You can take it a notch further by rewarding them with a gift of your choice whenever they reach a certain point level. As a parent, you can log in to view how they are doing. I am using the software at home with my kids with tremendous success. For example my daughter does not eat her vegetables. I made eating of vegetables a positive behavior that gets 2 points. She needs 30 points for an ice cream treat. She has downloaded the app in her ipad and she monitors her points daily. She is still struggling with the vegetables, but she tries hard to eat half portions, so she can accumulate points. She is not where I want her to be but is making good progress.

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  • The Importance of early childhood education

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    Parents who invest time and resources in their children early will reap the rewards later. As parents, we can do simple things like read, sing, play and talk to our precious little ones. At Computer Kids Preschool, We have compiled a series of tests that we use to assess little children from babies, to toddlers to preschoolers. Find out what your child's strengths and weaknesses are right now so you can intervene early if and where necessary. We test physical, social, intellectual and language skills and produce a report you can take home. Our Assessment is free and there is no charge. All you have to do is call to schedule your test. Take advantage of this great opportunity today, spaces are limited.

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  • Getting Your Kids Interested In Learning

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    For any parent, nothing is more exciting than seeing a child with a keen interest in learning more about the world. Most small children go through a period of curiosity and questioning, and you need to show your child that this is a very healthy way to live. When your child questions everything and takes nothing for face value, he or she will grow up to be a very brilliant individual. There are many ways that you can foster this kind of attitude in a child, and you should do your best to encourage it in all of your children.

    How can you do this?.

    First, you need to start incorporating books into the lives of your children from a very young age, even before your child can understand what you’re saying, you should read picture books and describe what is going on. This may seem pointless, but studies have shown that it will lead to a more eloquent and verbose child. As the child gets older, start reading more complex books. Don’t worry about getting out of his or her reading level. Make the library into a fun outing for you and your kids. Go once or twice a week to get new books,and encourage your kids to finish the books before the next outing so that they can exchange the books for other ones. Most libraries offer some summer programs where the kids log their books and receive rewards. If you feel your kids have a real passion for reading then this is a great way to get free ice cream every once in a while. As your kids become more proficient readers, you need to push them to higher content levels. It doesn’t matter if your kindergartener is reading at a 10th grade level as long as he or she understands the book and isn’t exposed to anything that you wouldn’t want him or her to read. As long as you keep upping the ante and complexity of the books that your child reads, you will see growth in leaps and bounds. The journey through parenthood is different for everyone, and reading is just one aspect that you have to pay attention to. Keep a healthy relationship with your kids always, and they will grow up to be healthy individuals. This is rewarding enough in itself, and should inspire you to try your best as a parent.

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  • Praising points

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    International studies have shown that praise definitely increases people’s inner interest in activities. Anything too much or too little is proven ineffective. Too much praise is ineffective because it comes too easy and often reduces the value of praise. Too little of it and lack of consistency do not give it much significance, as well.

    Here are some keywords to remember when giving praise:


    Praise kids right after the good behavior occurs. This way, they know instantly which behavior is reinforced.


    Say exactly which behavior, action, or words you liked. For example, “Thank you for putting your toys back in the bin,” or “I like the way you shared your toys with your friends.” Even if the action was partly wrong, focus only on the positive side.

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