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  • Allowing children access to computers early

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    Once upon a time, technology was simple. There were no radios, no TVs, and no computers. But the world we live in now is a busy one of bright blinking lights, cell phones, ipods, and much much more. Even something as simple as writing a letter isn’t so simple anymore – they’re typed up on computers. Often times, those don’t make it to the post office. People send those via email - no stamp required! No wait time! Your message is instantly in another person’s inbox. Computers are used by high level scientists and engineers to solve complex problems, or, for fun, to create amazing games. But, even if one never goes to that extreme level, computers are a necessity. Knowing how to use them is key in the current world. Something as simple as communication happens over computers, through computers, and with computers. To learn how to use the current technologies as well as how to continue learning is a must. Allowing children access to computers early in their lives gives them a stepping stone to learning invaluable skills they will use their whole lives. Of course, they won’t instantly learn everything they need to know. It’s a process. One advantage of exposing children to computers in their early education is that it starts that process. It allows children to start learning about what can be done, what can’t, and to discover how to use computers. A second advantage is that it gives them a great start to something that will help develop social and technological skills. Much of computer’s practical use involves communication – whether that be to a friend, a colleague, or an employer. Although children will be talking (or writing) to their friends only, they can begin to learn the valuable etiquette skills that they’ll use the rest of their lives.

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    Today, Computers and technology are a part of daily life. We use them for everything at home, in the workplace, from buying goods and services on the internet, to checking our email messages and interacting with friends and families online. The rate of its use in our homes has increased and it is an invention that is here to stay, changing not only what we need to learn but how we learn as well. At Computer Kids, our aim is to prepare your child for this technological world and we do this by integrating your child’s early learning with the essential computers skills such as how to operate and use computers safely, learning the correct terminology of a computer, keyboard skills and how to use the world wide web safely. Being able to demonstrate these essential skills at an early age, we believe puts your child at an advantage over his or her contemporaries, because of their familiarity with computers they can continue to learn faster when they progress to the next level of their education. Since we believe that Computers benefit the development of children’s fundamental skills, our program is tailored to suit the individual child through the use of age-appropriate software packages in our day care center. We use good educational software that enables them to develop and practice a broad range of skills, for example learning about alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors and rhythm, which we do in a fun way within a colorful and vibrant setting. These activities are structured to help develop your children’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional skills. We pride ourselves on creating that experience which integrates technology as well as the traditional pillars that are needed to prepare your child for the social environment of school and their adult lives. In introducing your children to technology at an early age we can help to prepare them to be comfortable using computer technology to further their learning and enrich their lives. We have installed Parental Control software which enables us to guide and monitor what our children have access to at our computer lab

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