10 Amazing Animal Books for Kids to Read Everyday

animal books for kids

Finding your child a book to read to keep him engaged is one essential duty every parent needs to do, but it can be difficult with many kids. The most common way to keep a child entertained while improving his reading ability is through animal books, which are usually short enough to finish in a day but can be fun. 

There are so many amazing animal books out there that have been created for kids to enjoy; the hard part would be picking just one! We have compiled a list of ten fantastic animal books for kids to read every day, no matter their age or skill level. But let’s first talk about why animal books for kids are perfect for teaching kids to read.

Reasons Why Animal Books are Great for Kids

  • They are short. Many kids like short stories due to their short attention span. I know, I can’t even finish one! But who wants to read a random story every day? A simple daily dose of animal books is perfect for kids; they can finish them within an hour or two and start on the next instantly after that.
  • They are fun. Like any other book/book genre out there, animal books for kids are filled with adventures and excitement, which keeps readers engaged until the end of each story.
  • They are educational. While reading animal books, kids will learn a lot about animals, habitats, and habits. It will help them grow as a person and make them stronger individuals overall.
  • They can teach new words through context clues. No matter how young the kid is, the more they read, the more they learn from context clues, making their vocabulary bigger and better every day.
  • They are a great way to learn to read in general. Plenty of kids in school struggle with reading and learning, but that does not mean they cannot learn in a fun way. Animal books for kids are a great way to teach young readers to love reading from an early age, so when they get older, it’s something they will enjoy doing for life.

Tips in Finding the Best Animal Books for Kids

There are attributes and features you need to consider when choosing the best animal for kids. Here at computer kids daycare, we compiled six features to help you find the best animal books for your child.

  1. The Cover – The cover is one of the most important features you need to look out for when purchasing an animal book because it will determine if your child will be interested enough to pick up the book or not. You can check out this article on how to choose the best animal books for kids.
  2. The Illustrations – The illustrations need to capture the main idea behind the story; otherwise, they will be more of a distraction than anything else. Watch out for captions and important pictures because these can help kids understand better than any other medium.
  3. The Storyline – All animal books for kids should have a clear storyline that flows smoothly from beginning to end. You should not expect a children’s book to be too complex because then they will get confused and stop reading right away. Instead, it should have a simple storyline that ends with a moral. The story’s highlight should be the animal somehow; this is where kids will see what they can learn from it.
  4. Theme or Subject – Animal books for kids also need to have at least one theme or subject per story so that readers can relate to it. Themes and subjects should be simple for young readers, but also essential to learn like following your dreams, protecting the environment, working together as a team, and helping others.
  5. The Size – Animal books should not be too long or have too many pages but should have a good amount of content so that kids can enjoy them. The exact number of pages or size depends on the age of the kids you are purchasing for. The youngest will probably enjoy a small board book, while older kids will want a bigger book with more details and information.
  6. The Language – The language of the book should be easy to understand for young readers, but not too simple that adults will get bored. The younger the kids are, the more simplistic language you should use. The best way to determine this is by reading it yourself first before giving it to your child.

10 Amazing Animal Books for Kids

1. Animals in the Forest by Visiting Fellow John Wood

animal books for kids

In this captivating book, your child can almost hear many animal sounds of the forest. The pictures of animals are perfect for capturing your child’s interests while allowing him to point out different kinds of forest animals. Your child can also learn about the animals’ habitat and their favorite foods.

2. Topsy and Tim: At the Farm by Jean & Gareth Adamson

animal books for kids

This book is an enjoyable book to read. It follows the story of two very good friends, Topsy and Tim, who go on a trip to the farm. They discover many kinds of fascinating animals there. They find a bunch of chickens and help collect their eggs. And also witness little ducklings take their first swim.

3. Water World by Ben Rothery

animal books for kids

World-renowned illustrator Ben Rothery created this amazing book for kids who love animals. In this book, Ben discovers the creatures that live in the offshore and coastal water, from tiny seahorses to massive polar bears and extraordinary creatures of the deep sea. 

Each page is full of vibrant illustrations and is associated with interesting facts. Water World also covers the devastating effects of climate change and its threats to underwater worlds. It helps children to feel inspired and develop a sense of protecting the environment.

4. Little World: On Safari by Samantha Meredith

animal books for kids

There is a lot to see and discover on the safari through the savannah plains. This engaging book, which features a slide pull and pushes on each page, will fascinate kids as they know about fierce lions, grazing giraffes, and huge elephants. Accompanied by Meridith’s colorful illustrations and easy-to-love characters ensure Little World: On Safari is one that most kids will read again and again.

5. The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall Asleep by Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin

animal books for kids

Let your kid go with Ellen the Elephant on a journey through the magical forest that leads to sleep. Ellen is the bravest and kindest elephant your child will meet, but she is a bit tired as she goes her way to bed. However, Ellen soon drifts herself to sleep after meeting the calming and fantastical characters in the enchanted forest. This magical book features child-tested and approved techniques to help kids fall asleep at bedtime.

6. Wild Animal Babies: An Alphabet Book by Katie T. Christiansen

animal books for kids

This newly released book is a must-have book for your kids. Take your young child on a journey through the wild animal alphabet and learn about unique animals. Wild Animal Babies alphabet book will have your child learning his ABCs from fox to kinkajou, narwhal to umbrellabird. It also includes engaging animal facts to make it more interesting for kids. In addition, the fascinating artwork will help your kid enjoy overall twenty-six baby animals and their moms.

7. The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson

animal books for kids


It tells a lovely story of imagination and adventure between a snail and a whale. It also teaches young readers about strong bonds and friendship. Snail is looking to leave her lonely life and discover the great wide ocean. She meets the whale and tells her friend about her plan. They spend days as great friends and explorers. But the problem arises when her friend whale comes near the shore. The adorable artwork and rhyming text will draw your child in and touch by these two best friends’ heartwarming story and positive message.

8. The Wide-Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner

animal books for kids

This book features catch pop-up pictures, which make it a kid’s favorite. The wide-mouthed frog always uses his wide mouth to eat flies and bugs until he becomes curious about what other animal in the swamp loves to eat. He explores and meets an alligator who loves to eat wide-mouth frogs like him. Young readers who follow the story will get on the edge of their seats as the curious wide-mouthed frog tries to save his life. Indeed, an exciting animal book for kids.

9. Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle

animal books for kids

The amazing see-thru pages in this unique book that show the hidden creatures and animals hiding behind the seagrass and rocks will captivate young readers. Eric Carle’s excellent storytelling comes to life with a look at how ocean fathers look after their eggs and babies. With your child turning each page, he will meet a new character and learn how the ocean father assists the mother to foster them. Mister Seahorse will help children discover new learning and nurture curiosity in life in the ocean.

10. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

animal books for kids

The best thing about this book is that it teaches children the importance of giving, sharing, being thoughtful of others, and being mindful of their feelings. Rainbowfish is not an ordinary fish in the sea; it has unique shiny silver scales that give him a stunning appearance. Other fish loved to play with him, but rainbow fish was proud of himself. The other fish loves to have a beautiful scale, but he didn’t share his precious scales. Not until he talks to the octopus, who opened his mind that sharing is a wonderful thing that made him feel delighted. An excellent book for kids about how sharing and giving fills your heart with joy and contentment.

These are some of the best animal books that every child will love to read. The wonderful illustrations hide many interesting facts about different types of animals, especially those endangered or threatened. It helps kids learn about the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy. The learning process is enjoyable for children because they can explore different animals at different places. Reading these simple stories will make children want to know more about everything around them.

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