20 Fun Imagination Games to Play with Your Kids

Imagination Games for Kids

Everything we do in life is a result of our imagination. The most successful people can look into the future and imagine what they want to have, then work to make it happen. When a child is born, they already have an imagination – they are thinking about how to solve minor problems and how their actions will affect their environment.


If you want your child to grow up and be ready for school, you will need to help them effectively use their imagination and help develop those cognitive skills that will prepare them for success. There are lots of ways to build your child’s imagination and cognitive skills. And one fun way to do it is by playing imagination games with them.


What are Imagination Games?

Imagination games are activities that focus on the development and use of children’s creative thinking skills. They challenge kids’ ability to think about things creatively, which helps them solve problems and understand new concepts. A child’s cognitive development is mainly dependent on their parents’ involvement early in their life. As children develop, so does their need for parental involvement and input. Imagination games provide this by using the natural language of children. Their language is creative, imaginative, and complex. Unlike traditional games that can limit your child’s imagination and reasoning skills, imagination games provide a field for children to play in that is entirely their own. 

The Benefits of Playing Imagination Games

Imagination Games for Kids

Imagination games give your child the freedom to let their creativity and imagination run wild. In addition, it provides a field in which they can explore their language and develop their cognitive skills. Imagination games have many benefits for children, including:

Improves Concentration and Attention Span

Imagination games can be quite active and even a bit chaotic. However, it can help improve a child’s concentration which will help them focus on what they are doing. At the same time, they are using their imagination and attention to complete the task at hand.

1. Boosts Creativity

Imagination games are quite free-form and give children creative freedom, which is great for boosting their creativity. Kids tend to be more creative when they are allowed to come up with their ideas. They also provide an outlet for children’s creative imagination skills.

2. Helps Develop Reasoning Skills

One of the most important skills a young child can develop is reasoning skills. When we allow our children to play in a creative environment, they are exposed to new ideas and concepts. After all, a child’s imagination is filled with new ideas every day. Therefore, imagination games are an excellent way for children to develop their reasoning skills by using their imaginations to solve problems.

3. Help Build Self-Confidence

Imagination games allow children to participate in a more active way than traditional games. When they are actively involved in the game, their confidence is boosted because they feel like they made their own decisions and were a part of the process.

4.Develops Communication Skills

Playing imagination games can help develop your child’s communication skills. They are using their imaginations by giving you ideas and thoughts to solve problems. It can be a great way to communicate with your child and build their vocabulary as well.

5. Promote Good Social Skills

Imagination games give children the chance to play cooperatively with other children. Because imagination games are usually cooperative, it allows for a child’s sharing skills and social interactions to strengthen.


20 Fun Imagination Games for Kids of All Ages

Imagination Games for Kids

Imagination is vital to the formation of a child’s mental, emotional, and physical health. And imagination games are an ideal way to encourage children’s imagination and creativity.


There are so many great games you can play with your child that it can be challenging to decide which ones to play. However, there are some games that your child will love that will help their cognitive skills. Teachers also use these games to incorporate learning and fun when teaching kids in daycare. This article will help you find the best game for your child’s age range and personality.


Imagination Games for Toddler:

Car Bingo

First, Let your toddlers watch car videos suitable for their age, then secure a 3×3 grid of photos you see in a car. As they watch the video, have your children cross out the picture they noticed in the video. The child who first crosses out everything shouts, “Bingo!”

Playing House

Set up an imaginary house where the kids act out different roles and rotate throughout the day. It is always fun to have someone new play the role of a babysitter or cook or whatever role you have them using their imagination to play in your imaginary house. It is a fun game to play as it involves imitating adults.

Dress Up the Job

Tell your children to pick one job they like, but tell them to keep it to themselves. Then ask them to dress up for what they choose, and other children will guess what job that is. 

I’m Thinking of an Animal

This one’s great because it helps with vocabulary. You say an animal, and the child has to say what they picture when you say that animal (e.g., “I’m thinking of an animal that swims in the ocean.” They should picture a seal).

I Spy

Ask your child to close their eyes and say, “I spy with my little eye something that starts with the letter “A.” The child then guesses what they think it is.

Imagination Games for Kids

Who Am I?

Have a child think of every kind of occupation they can think of and then have them act like that person.

Hide and Seek

This game has many versions. For instance, one is when you hide and put your hands over a child’s eyes. Then they must find you and guess what item you hid that the child could not see.

Clean the House

You do this game with your child by asking them to clean the room, but you can also change it up by doing it differently. For instance, tell your child that Santa is coming and they have to pick up all their toys in 5 minutes.

Let’s Build a

Ask your toddler what they can build (e.g., let’s build a castle). Then ask them what they need to create that object and give them suggestions until they have built it. 

I Wonder About

Most children wonder about something. For instance, I wonder why dogs bark or why the sky is blue. So ask your little one what they wonder about these things and answer their questions as you play imagination games together.

Imagination Games for Kids

Imagination Games for Preschoolers:

What Happens Next

Make reading time more engaging for children. For example, when reading a story, pause from time to time and ask children, “What Happens Next.” To encourage them to participate, choose a book that includes your child’s favorite story.


Let your child take about three pieces of paper, and allow them to draw pictures for each piece. When they are done, ask them to make stories about it. For instance, if they drew a horse, have them tell you what it will do with the horse.

Fairy tale

Tell your preschooler a fairy tale as well as acting it out for them using puppets or toys from around the house.

Game of Life

This one’s great because it helps with the child’s creativity and imagination. Have your children name a period of their life. For example, ask them to think of all the things they did in that month for the first month.

Build Your City

Provide kids with toys like building blocks and Lego for this game. Help your kid create a metropolis and help him rule it. It is a fun activity that also helps develop your child’s fine motor skills.

Let’s Pretend

Ask your preschooler what they want to do, and then let them do it. For example, a child may want to be a firefighter. Then they can go outside and play with you as the fireman or ask them to give you their firefighter hat so you can pretend with them.

Guess that Superhero

It is a fun classic game to play with your little ones. First, you will need pictures of superheroes and villains and cut them into puzzle pieces as shown. Next, put the pieces inside a box, so they do not fall out or shuffle, then let your children guess which superhero or villain the picture is.

Imagination Games for Kids

Trace it

Let the children trace around an object with a marker on a large sheet of paper. Then take the object away and let them draw again based on their memory.

What’s Missing

Have children move around the room and get as many items as possible without repeating an item. Then see if they can say what was different on the items when they compare them.

Tall and Short

Give your child a stack of papers and ask them to put them in order from the shortest to the tallest. It will help develop sequencing and ordering skills.

Imagination Games for Kids


These fun imagination games are a great way to get children to use their imagination. By playing one of these games, children improve their skills in imagination and exercise their cognitive abilities like planning and sequencing. Therefore, it is essential for parents to play with their children and make pretend games to boost their child’s skills in these areas.

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