How to use Microsoft movie maker by computer kids daycare

Tomorrow, I will be teaching your child how to make a movie using Microsoft Movie Maker. Kids will be divided into 5 groups and each group will direct and produce a movie of their choice. They will be engaged all day in the Computer Room working on their project. They will learn the software first and then apply the knowledge to their project. They have six weeks to finish the project. The movies will be graded by a panel of judges and prices will be awarded to the best movie. movie maker tutorial image You should have received a Media Consent Form, please ensure you sign and return it to the office. Without this form, your child can not participate. This project is for Age 6 and above. Your kids will learn How To: • Take pictures with a camera • Record a movie with a camera • Upload the files above to a Computer • Open Microsoft Movie Maker • Load the files into the Movie Maker • Add transition and animation • Edit the files • Add Titles, Captions and Credits • Save and publish the Movie

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