We do not discriminate on the bases of race, color, creed, sex, national origin or ancestry.

We provide care for children 6 weeks- 13 years old

Times of Operations
We are a year round center and our operating hours or Monday through Friday from 6.30am-7pm.

Closed Holiday’s
New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (We will send out letters to all parents if we are closed any other days.)

Faculty & Staff
The faculty and staff consist of highly qualified and trained educators, who seek to help children grow and develop.

Arrival and Departure
Upon arrival and departure please sign children in and out with date and time of arrival or departure. For the safety of the child we ask under no circumstances a child should enter or depart the building by his or her self. The parent or authorized adult must sign the child in or out and notify the teacher. Children will be allowed to leave only with persons whose names appear on their pick-up list. Picture ID will be requested. People may be added to the pick-up list in the office. (Names on the transportation notice will automatically be added to your child’s permanent pick-up list.)

Release of Children
A child can only be released by a person who is listed on the enrollment agreement. We require a picture ID for the pick-up of any child to be on file at the center. Pick up List Form is attached to Enrollment Agreement.

Open Door Policy
Parents of currently enrolled children are welcome to visit the center anytime during regular hours of operation and we welcome all parents to participate in any activity of your choice at the center.

Daily Communication Notes
Our daily communication notes are the way we communicate with our parents about their child day. The note includes information about the child’s day, educational objectives, diapering, eating schedule etc.

Family Communication Boards
On our family communication boards we post the curriculum, weekly menu, classroom daily schedule and so much more.

Positive Discipline
The methods of discipline are Redirection. The purpose of Redirection is to teach the child to understand and practice acceptable behaviors, to help build the child’s self-esteem, to be consistent and individualized each child and to be appropriate for the child’s level of understanding, and will never humiliate or frighten a child or never physically harm a child.

We offer transportation each parent must fill out a transportation form. All van drivers having completed the state guidelines to properly transport each child.

Field Trips
All field trips will be approved by the Director and Owner. The parents will be given a letter about the field trip and permission slip.

Water Activities
All water activities will be approved by the Director and Owner. The parents will be given a letter about the water activities and permission slip.

All parents will be notified in writing of any classroom pets.

Health & Nutrition
We will provide nourishment three times each day. Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack will be distributed. All meals and snacks are prepared based on the Recommended Dietary Allowances contained in the Food Pyramid. No Outside Food or Drinks is allowed in the center. Food will not be used as a reward or as for punishment.

In order for the staff to administer medication it must be prescribed by a doctor unless it is an over-the counter medication, which can be given only as recommended by the label.

Please help us by:

A. Signing and dating a medical consent form, which can be picked up from the Director.

B. Making sure all medication is in the original container and the date, child’s name, Doctor’s name, and the dosage plainly stated is present on prescribed medications.

ALERT: For emergency medications such as asthma a onetime permission form may be signed and is good for 6 months and must be renewed thereafter. A lead teacher, director or another office staff member will only administer medication to the children. If no form is filled out, no medication will be given.

If a medical emergency occur with any child in our care we will contact the parent(s) on file immediately and the local emergency department.

Each child must have a “Health Statement” completed and signed by their pediatrician upon enrollment or within one week of admission.

All children must be current with their immunizations in accordance with the State Health Department requirements. These records must be on file in the Director’s office. If the child’s records are not current or in the Director’s file parents will have 30 days to comply with this policy. If the child is not immunized with those 30 days, he/she can no longer be enrolled at EMA.

(NOTE: Every child that is 4 years old by September 1st must have a hearing and vision screening on file)

The policy concerning illnesses is for the safety of all children and we appreciates parents for understanding.

Children with any of the following symptoms should be kept at home: (A written physician statement or a 24-hour Wellness period is required to come back to school) Diarrhea, Fever, Generalized rash, Vomiting, and Excessive sleepiness or anything in the perceptive of management that is contagious. If a child have any of these symptoms and is at the center we ask the parents to pick the child up within a 2 hour time frame. This child will be excused from class to sit in the waiting area with a staff member until someone come for pick up.

Accidents: Teachers have access to emergency information on each child. If the center is unable to contact one or both parents, the staff will call starting with the first person on the list of authorized persons and any emergency number provided by the parent. In the case of emergency care is needed, 911 will be contacted and the child will be transported to a hospital. A staff person will accompany the child and the parents will be contacted to meet them at the hospital. Written authorization for emergency transportation will be obtained before the child enters the program.

Emergency Drills: Emergency plans for fire, weather, railroad and any other possible natural disaster are posted in each room. Practice drills will occur periodically during the year. The practice drills help the children and the staff members to become familiar with the procedure and not be frightened by the loud noise.

We understand the importance of family unity, however if a time arrives where upon any symptoms of suspected child abuse or neglect by a staff member or parent/guardian are brought to our attention, we are required by law to report it to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. We will abide by this law. PRS Hotline 800-252-5400

Inclement Weather
During periods of inclement weather, the academy will close or will not open if travel is extremely hazardous. Late openings will be on the academy’s message line and for early closings all parents will be connected by phone.

All tuition is pre-paid every Friday before the week of child’s attendance.

Late Payment Penalty of $10.00 will be charged to all accounts on Tuesday thereafter as long as the account is delinquent. We may discontinue services if tuition is two weeks or more delinquent.

Late Pick-up Penalty fee will be charged all accounts whenever a child is picked up after 6:30pm.

1- 10 minutes = $5.00 per child 11-20 minutes = $10 per child 21- 30 minutes = $15 per child

At 7pm if no one is contacted we will call the local police department or Protective Services.

**Phone calls to notify of late arrival will not exempt a late fee charge. Accounts will be billed**

Drop Policy: Two weeks’ notice is required to drop from the program without penalty. You must re-register when a child is dropped from the program by the parent or Computer Kids, LLC and re-enrolled at any given time within the same year. If a client wishes to continue services, and if the slot is still available, the re-registration will be requested upon entering the program.

Returned Check Fees: There will be a $25.00 service charge for all returned checks, in addition to a $10.00 late payment fee. If the client takes care of the check before it is returned to the center; the account will not be billed a $10.00 late payment fee. When the Center receives three or more returned checks from a client, we will no longer accept checks as a method of payment from that client. Returned checks must be paid out before another check is taken.

Delinquent Accounts: If accounts are two weeks or more delinquent, the Director has the right to discontinue services. All unpaid accounts will be turned over to a collection agency. Parents will be notified prior to this procedure. Any balances left unsettled will be sent to On Line Collections after 30 days.

Withdrawal Policy: If a parent decides to withdraw from the program, a two weeks’ notice is required. Any parent failing to do so, will be charged their normal tuition rate for two weeks. All balances will be sent to collections after 30 days of the last day the child attends the program.

Child Care Licensing
Phone: 713-940-3009 or 713-940-5200
Website: www.dfps.state.tx.us