Toddler Class

Computer Kids is a technology-assisted learning environment for kids. Learning technology is fun for kids. Our philosophy is simple, kids are learning through play. Our learning environment is play-based and child-initiated yet guided by an educator. By manipulating the learning environment, we provide sample choices for children. We also adopt a positive learning environment where children are praised and encouraged to the utmost extent of their ability.

We aim to provide a total learning environment where children are free to observe, question, experiment, and explore. Our programs incorporate play-based learning, structured learning, and free-form learning.

We create learning centers and children work in small groups and rotate to try out different learning activities. Come visit us to observe the kids at their centers!

We have Potty Training! Toddlers are learning through routine and practice of a set routine of life skills. They do pretend plays and also learn to potty train if they are ready.