Summer Camp 2019 at Computer Kids

Summer 2019 is here.

Can you believe the school year has just ended?.

The school year went by very quickly and the summer is upon us. For those of you who do not have travel plans, there is plenty to do at Computer Kids. This year is going to be packed full of activities and will be fun for the kids. We will share our calendar of activities with you next week just in case you need to plan your summer vacation. For a start, I will be teaching some Robotics class, ,,, we are privileged to have some Dash and Dots…. (Robots) which the kids will have fun programming. We will also conduct some movie making projects. The kids will be given cameras and will learn to create movies which they have to put together and edit using a movie making APP. We are planning some cooking and art classes which our the kids always enjoy. We have lots of field trips planned, our regular destinations are the Zoo, Nasa, the Oil Ranch, movies etc but this year we want to go to the beach. If you have not purchased Tshirts for the kids, please ask the director. We take kids as young as 3 years old on field trips and our Tshirt is a must. We will need volunteers for the field-trips, please let us know if you are available, it is always fun for the parents too. Looking forward to an interesting Summer.